Keats to Armours Mile Swim

swim start

Welcome to the historic Keats to Armours Mile Swim

2016 Results are posted here


This year's swim will take place on Sunday, July 24, 2016 at 10am.


8:00–9:00am at Armours Beach

2012 winners of Keats to Armours swim

Entry Fee:

$20.00 includes your ride to Keats, event swim cap and snacks

To compete in the swim you must have an escort boater and wear the event safety cap.

Application Form:

Printable Application Form (PDF) and Waiver (PDF)
Completed applications and waivers can be emailed to Application forms must be submitted by Friday, July 22 at 2:00pm.

If for some reason you are unable to email the application please contact the event organizer at 604-741-3828 to make other arrangements.

Thanks to our Event Sponsors:

RBC Unifor

Surf & Turf Mile Challenge

Compete in both the Keats to Armours Mile Swim AND the Sea Cav Mile and you'll automatically be entered in the Surf & Turf Mile Challenge! Those with the lowest weighted combined times (1/4 swim time plus run time) will be the winners: 1st Open Male & Female and 1st Youth (17&Under). Each will win a special prize!


Escort Boat and Boater Rules

Escort Boat
  1. The Escort Boat may be a rowboat, kayak or canoe only. No motorized boats.
  2. The Escort Boat must be rowed / paddled by an adult wearing a DOT approved PFD. If there are other passengers in the boat, they must also be wearing an approved PFD. Boat must have at least one extra approved PFD in the boat for the swimmer they are accompanying.
  3. The Escort Boat may only escort ONE SWIMMER during the crossing.
  4. Escort Boats must stay as close as reasonably possible to their swimmer to watch for boat traffic, passing other swimmers, and swimmer fatigue or emergency.
  5. Escort Boats must carry 1 blanket and towel for their swimmer in case of emergency. Regular boat safety equipment is required as per Canada Coast Guard regulations.
  6. The Escort Boat is expected to follow the swimmer's etiquette rules:
    • You are leading the swimmer, guiding them on the quickest and best route to Armours Beach, going around other swimmers and their escort boats, so:
    • Practice with your swimmer before the event and have some safety rules organized. (One Hand Wave = Distress, stop boat, come and get me ...Two Hand Wave = thirsty, bring water, etc.)
    • Pass other swimmers on the side where there is more room. Don't crowd other swimmers. You have the entire Strait!!
    • Guide your swimmer by keeping your swimmer on the same side of the boat for the entire race. If the swimmer breathes on one side only, choose that side. The Escort Boat must be within 'calling distance' of the swimmer at all times. Your swimmer can adjust his/her distance from you much quicker than you can from them.



Finishing the swim
  1. Train and be in shape for the swim.
  2. One minute will be added to swimmer's time if a wetsuit is worn.
  3. Plan where your escort boat will wait during the start of the race. Swim out to them.
  4. This is an unassisted race, so we trust you will not rest or relax on the boat during the race if you are within the top two-thirds of the finishing swimmers.
  5. In the event of an emergency or that you are unable to complete the swim, be sure to check in with the race organizers at Armours Beach before leaving the area.
  6. Keats Swim safety caps must be worn during the swim. Wearing a bright swim cap and suit helps visibility in the open water.
Print and keep this page until the race!!!

We'll see you at 8:00am at Armours Beach to register! We'll hope for a nice hot, still day!

Any questions? Contact Brent Collins at



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